I am that, I am – By Priti Mistry.

I am that, I am – By Priti Mistry.

A dance with the divine,
A flash of colour and light,
A spark of divine radiance,
A moment of divine ecstasy.

Merging of the spark with the flame,
A flame of love and light,
A flame of infinite potential.

Merging of the drop with the ocean,
An ocean of love and benevolence,
An ocean of abundant possibilities.

Every drop carries this essence within,
Each drop a reflection of the whole,
Each drop complete in itself.

Each spark as bright as the flame,
Each drop as powerful as the ocean.

A drop with abundant possibilities,
A spark with infinite potential.
I am that drop, I am that spark,
A drop of love, a spark of light.
I am divine love and light,
I am That, I am!

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