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Akashic Records Clearing Meditation

The Akashic Records contain your every thought, word, intent, emotion and deed. They are the energetic recordings of your Souls journey since the beginning, since the soul was created. It’s a living, dynamic field of energy and is updated in real time. When we clear the old, we create space for the new. We can

“I am The Gift”

Why seek that which is already here?
There’s nothing to add or subtract.
There’s nothing to enhance or improve.
All that needs to be done is uncover and unravel.

True Blue – By Priti Mistry

A blue jay sings under the sky, A  butterfly flits around the bluebells, Dancing fairies and merry mermaids Get rid of the blue clouds of sadness. The shining blue star in the night sky, Reminds me of my true blue self, The blue whale in the sea, Takes me to the depths of my being,

I am that, I am – By Priti Mistry.

A dance with the divine, A flash of colour and light, A spark of divine radiance, A moment of divine ecstasy. Merging of the spark with the flame, A flame of love and light, A flame of infinite potential. Merging of the drop with the ocean, An ocean of love and benevolence, An ocean of

I am perfectly imperfect – By Priti Mistry.

Perfection is an illusion, Imperfection a reality. Perfection is artificial, Imperfection natural and organic. Perfection is stressful, Imperfection is ease. Perfection needs effort, Imperfection is effortless. Being imperfect is natural, Being imperfect is authentic, Being imperfect is joyful, Being imperfect is beautiful, Being imperfect is Me. I am perfect in my quirkiness, I am perfect

The Flower of Life – By Priti Mistry.

Flower of Life Rises to the Sun Free of all ties Sings its own song Spreads its unique fragrance Flower of Life Shines bright and beautiful Gives wisdom and joy Loves the spotlight. Flower of Life Follows the heart Flows with love and compassion Makes me a child again. Flower of Life Full of grace

A Journey of the Self, called Life – By Archangel Michael.

Journey of life is to break barriers, Created by the Self and for the Self. Barriers that drop like dominoes, With complete surrender of the Self. Complete surrender brings sudden joy, peace and tears of gratefulness. A journey from bondage to freedom, A journey from control to surrender, A journey from strife to peace, A

Joy and wonder of Creation.

A thought is like a seed, Planted in the soil of emotions. Water it with love and gratitude, See it grow fruits of prosperity, Inhale the fragrance of abundance, Spread by the flowers of awe and wonder, Dance to the rhythm of the winds of change, Feel the joy, feel the wonder, The joy and

Dear Me… – by Priti Mistry

The only thing to know in this life is…Me. The only puzzle to solve in life is…Me. My toughest opponent in this life is…Me. The only hurdle to cross over is…Me. The one who can help me is…Me. The one who can heal me is…Me. The one who can help solve this puzzle is…Me. The