Shruti R Shah, Mumbai

Faith means living with uncertainty - feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you, like a lantern in the dark.
Priti has been my lantern in dark always. I look up to her as my inspiration, mentor, friend, guide, philosopher, a mother figure, my sudarshan chakra to cleanse my negativity and fears and give me my sole self back. Through her, I've been able to take an insight so as to live my life to the fullest and be the positive person that I am today. I'm so grateful and lucky to have met her.

Shruti R Shah

Namita Raveshia, Yoga teacher, Mumbai

Priti comes across as someone with whom one can connect easily. Her aura is alluring and compels you to seek some learning from her vast knowledge on crystals, or other kinds of healing therapies.?
It was an exhilarating experience for me to learn about Ascension chakras and crystals from Priti....It opened up a new dimension for my belief system and since then has been a guidance for life
Priti is a supportive and a wonderful friend, philosopher and guide?

Namita Raveshia, Yoga teacher, Mumbai

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Sarika Jain, Fashion designer, Mumbai

It's been a beautiful journey with Priti , and it still continues to be..
I remember how effortlessly I connected to her and how I could share my life with ease, every guidance from her has helped me immensely , especially her voice , the way she takes us through the guided meditations , whether past lives or any other... surrender and trust came extremely comfortably.

Soul Art Therapy was a beautiful sacred geometry experience. It brought balance, calm and clarity in an instant. It also helped me create what I wanted for my career and life with ease.

I have regained my hope and faith in the universe , she has helped me to connect to my soul and have a more positive perspective to life.
I am very very grateful to have her in my life as my guide, philosopher ,friend , teacher and my guru.

Sarika Jain, Fashion designer from Mumbai.

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Esha, Mumbai

The first time I spoke to Priti aunty, I was very nervous. As the conversation flew, I slipped out of my anxiety .She made me very comfortable. She asked me several questions about my background to get to know me. She patiently heard me and guided me all along.

Her words have guided me at the darkest moments. Nobody in our entire duration of education has guided or taught us how to love ourselves.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relation you have. You have to love and accept yourself unconditionally only then can we do the same for others. This belief has taken me a long way. It didn't come around overnight but with constant guidance from Priti Aunty and the divine I have sailed through the most turbulent waves.

It is through her compassionate hearing and understanding that I gained a whole new perspective in life.

Thank you for everything.


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Sonia Valecha, Mumbai

Priti Mistry is a lady with magical powers, a terrific healer. Or I would say I have not known anyone having such amazing healing abilities! I have had wonderful experiences with her. Her chakra healing and crystal therapy have worked wonders on me on many occasions. I have also done a workshop, Insight, (which is now Crystalline Angel Therapy), with her, and it has helped me tremendously as I implement my learning on me and my family, but am still craving to learn more from her and anxiously keep waiting as to when she will impart to me some of her teachings and enhance my spiritual knowledge. I look upon Priti whenever I am confused regarding important decisions and matters, as the Divine guidance coming through her is just right for me.

My journey with Priti Mistry has been magical.
I have done a couple of courses on healing and spiritual growth with Priti. Which transformed me totally. I evolved as a person and came into a state of awareness and now I look at life from a different perspective. It has been a beautiful experience working with her. I feel I have a soul connect with her and look up to her as my star angel guide who guides me Forever!

Sonia Valecha, Mumbai.

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Anamika, Homemaker, New Delhi

Priti combines skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. In her sessions there is good listening and deep understanding. Priti is able to read a problem accurately and help to make it understand on an insightful level to enable soul growth and healing.

Finally, I thank you so much – I’m content, free and I know myself much better. Without your help this would never have happened. I enjoyed my session and I particularly love the soft hearted care that blooms from your heart.

Anamika, Homemaker, New Delhi.

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Gaurav Jain, Businessman, Delhi

I met Priti on Facebook in a Healing Group while attending the online meditation. Priti is gem of a person with such a down to earth nature. Whatever she speaks is truly from heart and when she say something, she mean it. She is really wonderful as she explain the big & difficult things in a very easy and simple words.

Her level of frequency is awesome and just talking to her for few minutes means a lot. There's so much good & positive energy inside her, which is really lovable and sweet. I feel so happy whenever i talk to her, her content knowledge is really mind~blowing. She teach me some excercise and some ways for some of my regular problems and i feel a drastic change in very less time. Its like a MAGIC for me and i am so much happy and thankful to god that i get a chance to meet Priti Mistry. God Bless All, Wishing loads of love,luck,success, abundance & Peace to everyone.

Gaurav Jain, Businessman - Delhi

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Amrita, Home maker, Mumbai

"My association with Priti dates back about 8 years and in this time, she has been my friend and guide - giving me guidance, healing, strength and knowledge at the appropriate times. She has assisted my spiritual growth and emotional strengthening over these past years and the joy and camaraderie continues ...
Thanks Priti for being there for me!"

Amrita, Home maker - Mumbai

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Shruti Shah, School teacher, Mumbai

I am very grateful to Mrs. Priti Mistry who has helped me shape my life in a simple, serene and calm way, just as she is. Her teachings are the greatest sources through which I am able to connect with the universe. They have enabled me to have a positive approach towards everyone and everything.
Always approachable, helpful, healer, friend, philosopher, guide, a great human being to sum it all up.
Thank you Priti aunty for all the love and support which you gave, are giving and will always give.

Shruti Shah, School teacher - Mumbai.

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Binal Parekh, Business woman, Mumbai

Congratulations on ur divine endeavour.....I indeed appreciate the effort u hv taken to start this eternal website which will guide us in all possible ways.
you have managed to touch our life by giving subtle hints in our journey without really intruding our Chosen excellent communicator
You have fascinating analysis on life purpose and archangels. I feel a divine connect with all eternal beings...thanks to YOU...

God Bless
Luv and lite

Binal Parekh, Business woman - Mumbai