Soul Nuggets

Alternate Universe / Parallel Reality

Life is so amazing and full of wonder. There are so many things that we take for granted and never acknowledge. Sometime back I was asked by a group of friends about my perception or understanding of the Alternate Universe or Parallel Reality. That got me thinking. It’s so amazing, how many things we take

What is the 4th dimension?

Some say it’s heaven and hell both. Some say it’s magic and enchantment. Magic could be black or white, depending on one’s choice. Edgar Cayce called it the dimension of ideas. Well, here’s my take on the nature of the 4th dimension. If heaven and hell both exist together, then it’s where Love and Fear

I am a soulful storyteller, I am

Namaste Soul friends, I would like to share an interesting experience. I have this  block when I have to write about myself or my life experiences. I am comfortable  talking about them, but writing …I become blank, confused and clueless. I somehow feel that why bother others with my saga, or why would anyone be

Love you Zindagi

A movie date with myself. I would like to share a special experience. It’s special for me as I did this for the first time in my life and managed to break down some self-created inner barriers. It was a Monday, my better half was out of town for work, and my son was busy

Channelled verses

Patience translates into wisdom. It brings in the knowledge, experience and understanding of the divine. It brings in purity and clarity, knowing and understanding, radiance of the divine. “Patience is a radiant drop of the divine, A drop of wisdom, a speck of gold. It is the brightness in the flame, It is the gentleness

Happy like a child- for no reason

Namaste friends, Naachu main aaj chham chham chham… What a wonderful and joyful morning! Woke up with a song in my heart and dance in my step – literally! Why?…No idea. Still in bed, swaying to the song played in my head…Naachu main aaj chham chham chham… Chham chham chham… with a big smile on

Significance of Navratri

Namaste dear Soul, It’s spring season in the northern hemisphere. In India, we have a 9 day celebration of the divine feminine-Shakti, to mark the beginning of spring. We revere 9 forms of the Goddess, which represent or signify 9 beautiful qualities. This festival is called Chaitri Navratri, which celebrates and invokes the divine feminine,

Tree of Life by Priti Mistry

Tree of Life. ~ Priti Mistry Patience is a fruit of love, It carries the seeds of joy. Scatter the seeds all around, The winds carry them far and wide, And they sprout into a bountiful forest. A forest of enthusiasm and passion, Whose roots are love and compassion, With grateful and generous branches, With leaves

Attachment is the root of all suffering

Attachment is the root of all suffering. ~ Buddha. Life is so beautiful and interesting. I love the fact that life is my Guru and is constantly teaching, teasing, entertaining and enriching me through a myriad of experiences. Last night a client sent me a message. She wanted me to help her interpret and understand